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A New Paradigm of Religion and Spirituality

A huge paradigm shift is taking place in religion and spirituality that will change all of us and hasten our collective enlightenment. "God" is not what we have thought or imagined. In fact, our ideas about God are all wrong. God is not some separate, human-like figure that we must pray to and hope we are heard, God is a state of consciousness pervading the universe that we discover is literally our own consciousness. More than that, it's all God! - the whole manifest universe including us. I believe that this is the core message of the mystics. When we wake up to the divine reality of self, other and cosmos, and experience it first hand, everything changes.

Real spiritual growth invites us on a journey into God in this lifetime. We become what we have been looking for all our lives and we spread divine love wherever we are. I believe we are discovering the real secret of spiritual evolution. Consciousness is a living force that changes us as we experience it, a force of divine evolution that transmutes our very nature if we are willing to let it. Can you feel it? Can you feel something completely new happening in your psyche right now? Can you sense sacred consciousness in yourself and others? This is the real meaning of the Namaste greeting. This is the invitation of the mystics.
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