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Caring for the World in the Flow of Soul

Here is a simple exercise in individual sacred activism. It only takes a few minutes. It will change you and your world.
• Find a quiet space unlikely to be interrupted
• Have no expectations, plans or goals
• Stop thinking, heighten awareness, and move into pure sensory awareness; stay
• Do nothing; be patient and quiet; simply experience the present; let time disappear
• Sense the sacred mystery of this timeless present; just notice
• Feel your physical being; move your body slowly and consciously, sense your body; watch your movement; come alive
• Go inward, descending go inside into the inner depths of your being and open a channel of love, joy, amazement; let it rise and spread through your body/mind; feel its nature
• Feel your being becoming divine, lived and powered by divinity as you
• Send ripples of love, hope and healing through Reality, as if you're under water making waves that spread everywhere; continue as long as it feels powerful; care for the world
• Learn to live consciously in this living, flowing, thought-free joy/love medium; stay present to it as your own true being nature
• If you feel like it, let "doing" happen naturally from this deep immersion in divine being, and imagine everything you do affecting the whole world, rippling through reality, affecting all; if you talk, talk consciously to stay in this divine Flow
• Let this process change your relationship with reality - you are affecting Reality now by the way you experience and live in it
• Stay in the divine flow, be a loving person
• Don't worry about the efficacy of this process (questions sabotage it); just be it
• When you lose the Flow of Soul (and everyone does), return to the top and start over
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