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The Spiritual Tower of Babel

Charismatic megachurch preachers, spirituality pop stars, the latest neuroscience proclamations, and the multiplicity of religious theologies…with so many competing versions of "truth" the world creates another Tower of Babel, ignoring the mystics who speak only one language - the language of direct experience. And their message is this: Return to center of consciousness and dissolve your separate self into the divine Source. Then share the flowing love, joy, creativity, compassion and self-discovery. You are that ineffable source of all.

The individual seeker often feels like a small candle flame in this windstorm of opinions, easily blown out and then blown away. But that reality is also the answer. You are a thought-form that cannot persist. All thoughts pass away but the consciousness that remains in their absence is indestructible. Enter the pure "I Am" of conscious experience and become the Source. The storm will always pass to reveal eternity to the awakened eye.

Conscious Aging returns us to this path of Mystical Consciousness. From here, our Sacred Work flows. Love, joy, creativity, compassion and self-discovery are our work and wherever we open these gifts, the world is changed. It's not about being right, it's about being real, being God as you.
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