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Ego, Mystic, Soul and Prophet: Putting It All Together

The split-brain research of the 1960's demonstrated that two separate and independent selves dwell in each of us. After examining their unique characteristics, I believe these selves are best described as Ego and Soul. The Ego dwells in the brain's left hemisphere and accesses the mind's thought and language functions to build its models of a False Self in a False World. It is here that we construct the problematic world of identity, time and story that supersedes the Divine World witnessed by the mystics. The right hemisphere holds our capacity for Mystical Consciousness that gradually leads to experiencing ourselves as Divine Humans in a Divine World. Meanwhile the Soul waits patiently for us to sense its presence in the right hemisphere. Spiritual practice and mystical experience eventually silence the mind enough to hear the Soul's voice. The mystical consciousness of divinity then opens our awareness of the Soul's fierce Prophetic energy and voice. If we understand and welcome this shift from Ego to Soul, then the Soul steps forth as Prophet. The raw pain of trauma to the True Self, our own and others, also stirs the Soul's Prophetic action, for True Self is in fact the Soul's psychological incarnation. The purpose and intention of Soul as Prophet is to challenge the cruelty and duplicity of the False World and unveil Heaven on Earth. Our work as Sacred Activists is to awaken Mystical Consciousness and replace the False Self with Soul as the central actor in the psyche, moving humanity to a new and higher stage of spiritual evolution.
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