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Greg Bell sent me this thought. What do you think?

"This time is indeed a new period of growth and generativity as we enter our final years. But what to call it? Old Age just doesn't describe it with its baggage of deterioration and irrelevance. This is the time of culmination when all one's life comes together and what is lost is what we willingly give up, which truthfully may be everything to become our truest self. Culmination seems to be the time when paradoxically all things hold together while everything shakes apart. I call it Culminescence, the coming together of all a person is, thriving even in the face of suffering, frailty, illness, weakening of heart or loss of mind. The time of soul strength and emergence of the deepest self.
Has anyone named this new period of human development? Please let me know your thoughts."

I like it. What do you think?

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