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I Live in Divine Consciousness. Does That Interest You?

I live in God's actual consciousness. I experience it every day. My consciousness is God's consciousness. And this consciousness changes me. It opens the perceptual gates to the divine world described by countless mystics. Heaven on Earth is not a fairytale and it holds the secret to the escalating crisis of climate change.
I know many will regard this statement as arrogant and judge me with the belief in a world populated only by false selves, but it has nothing to do with my false self which disappears in this consciousness anyway. "I" as a personal construct have no reality in thought-free mystical awareness (which is the secret behind the joy of awakening). You, too, can experience this sacred expansion of consciousness. Its clarity, freedom, joy, guidance and love will ease your suffering, but more importantly, its collective use can ease the suffering of our sacred Earth and her beings.
We are not the fictional, problem-ridden personas we enact daily in the world, and the world is not what we think it is. We are the divine consciousness that dissolves artificially-constructed false selves and the imaginary soap-opera world they project. The character you play will not bring the happiness, spiritual realization, or a divine world, nor will it heal our escalating global crisis. But we can discover the divine Self that lives in and through us and experience its life-transforming consciousness.
The journey of age is also transformed in divine consciousness. Conscious elders no longer need to be prisoners of the past, trapped in outdated identities, personal stories, or ossified reality constructs. In conscious sacred aging, we are witnesses to a new Creation and can bring this revelation to the world. Everyone has an exciting new job in Creation.
How do you experience divine consciousness? Here are some suggestions:
1.     Believe this shift in consciousness can happen. Read about it. Understand it. Want it! Then do it for yourself and the world. Only you can transform your consciousness. Be serious.
2.     Practice the experiential exercises in my books. They were created from the firsthand awareness of divine consciousness and open this same awareness to anyone experiencing the steps described. It's all about the direct experience of the sacred. The exercises are not difficult and include Mystical Consciousness, Presence, Heaven on Earth, Divine Self, and Interactive Dialogues with God, Soul, Earth, Ancestors, Angels and other spiritual beings. These exercises build on one another synergistically until you finally grasp the truly simple path to awakening. Yes, you will have to buy the books, but bookselling is simply a means of distributing information; the vast majority of authors do not get rich and don't write for the money. For me, writing is a spiritual discipline.
3.     Practice daily. Waking up needs to become a daily, even hourly, experience in order to replace the left-brain's robotic personality functioning. The primary obstacle to waking up is the habitual return of the false self that occurs the second we start thinking again. We are addicted to our preoccupation with obsessive thought.
4.     Be patient but notice the thrilling expansion of consciousness that signals progress. Every experience of divine consciousness, no matter how small, offers immediate and immense reinforcement. The sense of release, relief and freedom is amazing.
5.     Notice divine consciousness transforming your perception and behavior. This is the whole point! Become the mystic you were meant to be and evolve into the artist and prophet that arise in mystical consciousness. Then help save Creation.
These spiritual teachings will also be found in the forthcoming book, Mystical Activism: Transforming a World in Crisis coming out early next year. Its moral: Wake up to who and where you really are, and watch problems dissolve into the firsthand experience of divinity as Creation herself. Then ease into the divine flow of Creation and discover the reason you came into the world.

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