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One Way to Become a Mystical Activist

Step outside. Open your senses. The world is alive with mystery, magic and beauty. Sensing it, we step into Creation and find our part in its great dance.
I sit here on a park bench on the Puget Sound. I feel the power of Creation pouring into me - a vast presence awakening the smell of saltwater and seaweed, the warmth of sunshine across 94 million miles of space, the cranky cawing of a crow amid echoes of distant dog conversations, the sight of two graceful herons alertly circling above in pursuit of lunch, and resplendent visions of cedar and pine framing reflections of the sky's light blue transparency and meandering clouds on peaceful waters on which a single kayaker quietly glides by trailed by a rapidly disappearing sparkling wake. 
From trees, grass, sand and water, a silent chorus of voices rises up, "See me, love me, join me, be me, dance with me." A tiny fly lands on my wrist and remarks, "Pay attention even to the littlest things for all embody the holiness of Creation." The heat from the sun now pushes me into the shade, then a breeze picks up and the shadows feel chilly. Nothing static here. My body says, "Get up and take me on a walk on the shore." I am caught in Creation's ever-changing spell. I stroll down a winding path, or is it moving and I am still? Einstein would understand but it doesn't really matter. This timeless perfect instant is a 3-D work of cosmic art here just for me, and a "gazillion" other little friends. It's spectacular. It's now. It's pure mysticism.
Times like these make us mystical activists. We awaken and see the infinite miracle of Creation everywhere. How can we let this beauty die? Open consciousness into moments like this and take the pledge from the Order of the Sacred Earth: "I promise to be the best lover and defender of Mother Earth that I can be."(Fox, Wilson, Listug, 2018).

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