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It's Time to Become a Mystical Activist

Scientists are telling us that a tsunami of climate instability and disruption is heading our way, one that will profoundly change our entire way of life: we will have to move inland to avoid rapidly rising oceans from melting glaciers; leave unlivable hot dry desert communities; sustain horrific wildfires in forests dead from insect infestations; face runaway global heat increases as we pass the last tipping point; exchange air travel for electric vehicles; replace dirty and inefficient meat and dairy production for artificial plant and cell substitutes; deal with depleted ocean fisheries, emptied aquifers, and shorter growing seasons; ingest polluted air and water; live through virtually apocalyptic storms; watch recurring waves of plant and animal extinction go on around us; acquire new heart, lung and other diseases from air and rain driven micro-plastics, chemical pollution and dangerous pesticides; experience new superbugs and multiplying parasites; adapt to overwhelmed hospitals and rising crime rates; adjust to widespread food shortages and regional conflicts over food and clean water; and integrate massive migrations of a fifth of the world's growing over-population escaping desperate living conditions. A cautious lot, scientists have actually been markedly under-estimating the pace of this approaching catastrophe according to Scientific American magazine.
We cannot afford to bury our heads in denial, cynicism, helpless avoidance, or ignorance, for no one is coming to save us. Instead, we must take responsibility for the damage we are still creating. But how can one person make a difference? Climate activist and prophet Joanna Macy tell us, "While the truth that we are headed toward extinction is a terrible shock, it has the potential to quicken our collective awakening powering a profound transformation of our world. This transformation begins within. We need to know ourselves, not only as individuals but as co-creators within a deeply ensouled web of life where all is conscious. Once we align with the reality and depth intelligence of consciousness itself, we connect with a spiritual and moral power that gifts intuitive wisdom, guidance, and courage…In essence, we are awakening into the profound intimacy of all things, where we directly know that all beings, nature, the earth, and the cosmos are a part of ourselves."  This is Mystical Activism.
And Matthew Fox adds, "More than ever, then, we need to stop and sit and be present to the Via Positiva (divinity as being) to allow our love for the world and the world's love for us to be deeply felt. This can carry us beyond nationhood and ethnic or racial or religious smallness into the much bigger world of creation itself. Love will be the source of our energy and of our imaginations that will render us effective agents for deeper change. Not superficial change, but a change that begins and ends with the reverence and gratitude we all carry in our hearts toward the universe that has birthed us. With that kind of deeper perspective, our prophetic callings stand a better chance of effective results. We taste the future, the goal, even as we walk the way. And it is a loving journey." This, too, is Mystical Activism.
These two spiritual giants are issuing a clarion call for a mystical transformation of collective consciousness. We can leave the narcissistic TV-world of escapist fantasies and transform ourselves into mystical activists. In easily learned mystical consciousness, we become the world, we know the world as ourselves, and we experience its sacred immensity. We fall in love again with Creation not as a Biblical reference but as the literal experience of the world itself. All I have written has led to this: we are divine beings in a divine world who have forgotten who and where we are. The left-brain of language of logic, belief and opinion, has taken over consciousness and now projects a false world of ugly mental illusions and delusions that will kill us and all life if we don't wake up from this nightmare. The answer lies in the right-brain's natural mystical consciousness with its transformed perception, awakened Self, new problem-dissolving tools, re-invigorated soul, hope-sustaining contact with other spiritual entities and forces, mystically awakened individual and group activism, and direct access to the needs and guidance of Creation. Change your consciousness and you can begin to change the world. Hide in left-brain fictions, and we will all go down together.
Coming out in February, Mystical Activism: Transforming a World in Crisis presents a revelation that explains our present crisis along with twelve workshop-tested re-usable experiential exercises for transforming yourself, your work, your experience of the world, and the world itself. If even 5% of us did this work, we would tip the balance of consciousness in favor of humanity's awakening. We are not helpless, we are powerful beyond measure, but we are stuck in fearful paralysis. Get unstuck.  

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