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"News or the Universe"

I have always known that I am what God is, just as the world itself is divine. The mystics, too, have always known this. Existence is all one vast living breathing conscious presence filling all space, time and being. Absent the self-illusion, I experience "my" being and consciousness as God's Being and Consciousness. We are all the substance and consciousness of the divine. Everything is God (or whatever name you prefer for this all-pervading intelligence). Tragically, the idea of self causes us to feel apart from this joyous and liberating unity.
Driven by the illusion of an endangered separate self, we make the world ugly with competition, greed, prejudice, hatred and war, a process that inevitably damages the life in Earth. Indeed, the climate crisis is created by our own destructive mental states. But in mystical consciousness, there is no self-idea to believe, inflate or defend, allowing reality to shine through the clear lens of consciousness as Creation. So it is that we create the climate crisis and only we can fix it by waking up together.
Because we are one, my awakening stirs yours and your awakening stirs the awakening of others. I am you when the idea of "you" dissolves in pure consciousness, then there is only divine consciousness and it belongs to the One. Experiencing this pure loving consciousness steadily transforms our very nature. Thus mystical consciousness erases the illusion of separation and, as we realize our unity with all living and non-living things, we cease ripping Creation to pieces, recognizing that we are in reality tearing our self apart. Yes, the ego continues as a useful aspect of the personality but it no longer represents your identity or personal worth.
But there's more, much more. Something vast is happening in consciousness. Something immense, cosmic. The conscious cosmos is evolving. I sense it. As the self-idea loses steam, awareness opens to the transforming waves of new states. Sadly, most here on Earth are slow to recognize this expansion of human sensitivity. What is this evolution in consciousness? Where is it going? Are we awakening, spiritually evolving, or approaching extinction?  
Climate change has lit the fuse on a vast change in the consciousness of humanity. In this apocalyptic time, everyday life as we know it will come to an end. A new epoch is opening inside the human mind. A new beginning. But you're either on the bus or it leaves without you. This is a time of mystical transformation, not simply physical security or survival. Fight over resources and you hasten humanity's demise. It's not about personal survival, it's about awakening. This is it. So, wake up, stop projecting mental fictions on the world, and experience who and where you really are. The Earth needs your enlightenment now if humanity is to be reborn in time.

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