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The Power of Mystical Activism

The Earth needs to awaken as many mystical activists as possible. To survive and heal, the Earth community needs us all to become the mystically-oriented change agents. Young, old, busy, lost – we are all critical to the planet's health. Join the growing chorus of mystics singing love songs to Creation through their work.  
What powerful gifts does Mystical Activism offer us? Mystical Activism has the power to awaken the perception of a sacred reality (which is powerfully motivating), fill us with the energies of the divine Self (the power of love, of sacred being),provide revolutionary new tools for "solving" problems in mystical consciousness, rekindle our relationship with soul to reveal our life purpose,open a direct channel to the "other world" for additional assistance and support, and help us communicate with Creation to find out what she really needs. In Mystical Activism, we each hold the power to change the world right where we are. 
To be more specific, the purpose of Mystical Activism is to…
·     Combat paralysis, helplessness, cynicism and ignorance
·     Explain why we are in this Earth crisis and how we can respond to it
·     See the divine world - God as reality itself
·     Engage the fierceness of soul to support and defend life on Earth
·     Awaken the deep Self as the rising tide of divine love within
·     Discern our individual gifts and ideas for personal activism
·     Bring people together in group Mystical Activism
·     Ask for help from deceased loved ones, ancestors, spirit guides, angels, and God
·     Help dissolve the Patriarchy
·     Communicate with the mystical consciousness of Earth, trees, plants, animals, insects to discover how     Creation is feeling and what she wants
·     Respond with strength, courage and resilience to whatever conditions we must bear in these trying times
I hope this website, blog and forthcoming book inspire you to explore Mystical Activism and transform yourself, your work, and the world you inhabit.

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