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More on the Making of a Mystical Activist

The experience of Creation as sacred reality provides experiential ingredients that evoke the mystical activist in us; so, too, does the experience of the inner divine.
In my book, The Divine Human, I describe the transformational effects allowing the divine Self to permeate the personality. The mystical experience of Self can also be central to the making of a mystical activist. And in case you fear this process only triggers personal grandiosity, remember that the experience of Self dissolves the self-idea altogether – it's not about "you," it's about being lived by the loving consciousness pervading the universe and dwelling in the depths of your own being.
As the personality transforms in sacred consciousness, supernal energies flow through us, inflaming love, replacing understanding with direct perception, and instilling both kindness and courage in our activism. And while we may not immediately look different in this state, we are living into our higher self and a new kind of person, a divine being in motion. This is why our spiritual practices are so important - we become what we meditate on, and as consciousness cleanses, meditation opens to the divine and we express its nature through our own.
This radical metamorphosis of self has amazing consequences, uncovering a natural wellspring of ecstasy, expansive love for the world, awe and transfigured perception, inner stillness even in motion, a comprehensive grasp of ultimate issues, and the patience to "show up" each day for the work of love in whatever conditions we face. Our separateness dissolves into Presence and new creativity awakens. This inflowing divinity also energizes our intrinsic gifts for the world, as they, too, are divine in nature. For me, that means writing, teaching, explaining, and living in mystical consciousness. For you, it may stir natural talents often taken for granted or new ones you never expected. Whatever we were uniquely meant to bring into this world becomes our contribution to climate activism. We each weave a divine thread into the sacred fabric of protest, healing and renewal.
As described in Mystical Activism: Transforming a World in Crisis, this incarnation then moves steadily from mystic to prophet as we open the right-brain's mystical consciousness and direct connections to soul, Creation, ancestors, and other spiritual beings. This work is profound and profoundly transformational. I describe the divine human hoping to excite you, help you find this experience for yourself, and give freely of your own divine nature. Whatever your activism, may it be further awakened in divine consciousness.

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