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We Are Being Called by Creation to Act

We are in the early stages of a catastrophic disturbance of Earth's equilibrium and our collective awakening must be equal to it. Such an apocalypse is always spiritual. Our challenge must be to surrender our old skins of identity, time and story – who and where we think we are - and experience instead the inner divine Self of the universe filling us with unending gifts of love, compassion, joy, spontaneity, creativity, playfulness and celebration; and the divinity of Creation freely offering her beauty, abundance, sustenance, diversity, delight, and the direct wisdom of the natural world. Divinity and Creation are calling us to act. We must move our awareness from the left-brain, narrative-driven, top-down prison of patriarchy to a right-brain love-drenched mysticism and then blend the two hemispheres in a new vision of life. We can't know what's going to happen but we can respond from love and enlightenment. And perhaps the ultimate purpose of this catastrophe may be to evolve a new human consciousness because humanity's old order has become terminally corrupt, destructive and unjust. In the unity of Self and Creation, any act pregnant with love and wonder benefits the whole of existence - we join the creative unfolding of an infinitely loving universe, trusting its consciousness to guide us to our heart's work.

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