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 Mystical Principles in Caring for Creation

Experience Your Feelings
Our pain and anxiety for Creation arise because we are Creation.
We feel her feelings.
Avoid Compulsive Doing
Climate guilt, fear or despair can drive us into frantic doing.
In desperate busyness, we often ride roughshod over Creation's healing.
Center Attention in the Deep Silent Self of Creation
Silence is immersion in the divine Presence.
  Focusing on inner silence separates the real from the unreal.
Cultivate mind-silencing spiritual practices to wake up and see.
Dwell deeply and steadily in Creation's unitive consciousness.
Pervading all of Creation is the Creator.
Let Action Flow from the Presence in the Moment
Pure consciousness is the Creator's Presence.
Find your work in that Presence not simply from beliefs.
Sacred Action flows from immersion in the Presence: simple, natural and effective.
Ask Creation, "Where am I needed most right now?" and listen deeply.
Act with the discerning heart of loving compassion.
Acting from pure consciousness we affect the whole of Consciousness.
Inhabit the peace of the Divinity.
Creation Will Show You the Way
Stay in dialogue with Creation to see what she needs (not what you think she needs).
It's not action vs. contemplation, it's contemplation-in-action.
Awakened consciousness enlivens the divine Self.
Embody the Self in your activism.
Face Death
Prepare for death so you will have the courage to act fearlessly
Like everything in Creation, we will die but new life follows every death.
Death is a doorway not an ending.
Pay Attention to Synchronicity
As I write this, my puppy pulls out the book, I Am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj.

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