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Aging as a Return to Mystical Being: A Personal Note

     We are born into being – the flow of early childhood consciousness in the here-and-now – and then move progressively into doing – goals, plans, schedules, responsibilities, purposes, and expectations. Compulsive doing runs out lives for decades and then, like an old machine, begins to fall apart.
     After finishing my last book, my back went out. Pain - sharp, stabbing, burning, aching, relentless – down-shifted me into "Park." I could barely function. But I had grown weary of the doing mantra anyway. After months of debilitating pain, I knew the activity phase of my life was over. I consulted a psychic. She told me that it was time to live the mystical consciousness I have been writing about for the past quarter century. Now, at 74, I sensed that deep call of time to a new stage in being. I always knew this moment would come. Mysticism is always about living in the sacred moment. My pain, powerful and insistent, had been a friend. I dropped out of all my professional commitments in search of a live in the divine milieu.
Divine Union as Mystical Creation
     Reality as sacred being, consciously experienced and released from the labyrinthine prison of thought, invites a new awareness - the pantheistic perception of the imminent divine as everywhere, everyone and everything. It's a discovery we have to experience to understand and it's an ongoing practice.  
In this shift away from mind-driven work, my consciousness dissolves into the omnipresent divine Consciousness and I arrive at the mystical center of Creation creating. I join in the constantly-miraculous birthing of divine reality. In this always-new moment, I also discover the new possibilities of mystical activism.
     Mystical activism is about dwelling in sacred consciousness as a way of affecting the whole. In this union, I experience divinity everywhere and release my conceptual identity as someone-trying-to-do-good-in-the-manmade-world. As Presence, I am divine consciousness constantly renewing a divine world.
The mystics have long told us that the present is God's conscious being. Because we are all one, uniting my consciousness with the divine awakens and magnifies the collective awareness of Creation. Every moment that is consciously experienced in this way spreads the subliminal and sublime experience of Heaven on Earth. We are like tuning forks - as mine vibrates, so too does yours though you might not notice until you learn to sense the divine vibration. In this way, union with sacred consciousness and being constitutes a powerful path of activism - mystical activism – and we discover that for the texture of reality is love.
Leaving the World of Man
     Two days after these realizations, my pain begins to diminish. I dreamt of an 18th century frigate leaving a busy port through a narrow channel out to into a wide sea - a birth canal from the World of Man to my soul's new adventure in consciousness.
     There are moments when I fully sense, see, and know that this reality, this space, this present moment is one conscious being no matter how it might otherwise appear as separate things. In my mind's eye, I see the one imminence smiling, letting me know that everything is it including the consciousness I thought was "mine." I was never separate. In these recurring moments of entry, the happiness of the One becomes my happiness. I am being welcomed back to the beginning.
      Which brings me back to mystical activism. If I am the All, I can change the All from the inside out, from the center of unity, by being an open channel spreading love through everything, awakening a new Creation. As the poet becomes the poem in the writing, the divinely-centered mystic becomes the creator in the awakening. In mystical oneness, we each join the spiral dance of renewal. I am It and my consciousness erases the illusory thought-world harming humanity and the Earth.
You Can't Fix the World's Illusions
     We don't easily change the World of Man from the inside because the World of Man itself is the problem. Everything we do simply adds to our conceptual separation from divinity. To make real change, we need to completely dissolve the construct world in thought-free consciousness and let the divine world renew itself. We then invite the experience of Creation to be the new world, letting it fill our consciousness, and then live from the sacred reality of beauty, perfection, radiance and love. Concepts only lead to more concepts.
It's Always Here
     Sacred consciousness is always here for everyone, filling all space and time. Sadly, people don't know how to experience this awakening, but it never abandons anyone, even in the greatest calamities. Be still and know that all is divine being, even me and you no matter what else we may think or imagine. In the experience of divinity we become divinity and to find our ultimate nature and purpose.
Do you think this crazy? Let us all be crazy, too. When I close my eyes, I realize it's not "my" consciousness in there, it's God.  

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