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"Letting Go, Letting Be"  

     I am stepping away from my active life in the world for the present. No plans, no commitments, no goals. I'm 74. Should I be doing something more, something "productive" or "worthwhile?" Can I give up my life plan? Do I even need a life plan anymore?
     It's quiet in this moment. I am no longer focusing on the next thing. No webinars, articles, interviews. I could resurrect that life though I don't think it would be good for me. And I know that the next level of awakening cannot happen in my present form. So, I'm retiring. I've lived in a straitjacket of my own making for too long. Like a spent toothpaste tube, I cannot squeeze any more out. I'm done.
     It's been a long run - psychology, mysticism, teaching, writing, climate activism. I'm not sure if I made a big difference in the world though I deeply love my family, friends, clients and students. Was I true to my gift? I think so and I believe that's all we are really asked to do. I shared what I came here to share.
What will I do now? A voice replies, "Just live. Grandfather. Father. Friend. Husband. Mystic. In the warm sunshine. In the quiet. In the wonder. Relaxing. Preparing. Seeing. One day leaving. The only way to grow now is to 'let go and let be.'"
     It is time to serve my soul, to release it in a world steadily brightening as de Chardin's Divine Milieu, and to love as I was meant to love in my final years in this gorgeous place. As often the case, with each step into the heart of wonder, a new path appears - always found in the present moment. A recent illness and family health crises finally convinced me that this change was overdue. Time to move on. I am in transition.
     I move now in another consciousness, a sacred one. The serious seeker will find the path leading here in my books, but I have moved on from the explaining phase. I am in the release phase. I am free. I help the world now in a new way but that, too, transcends conventional explanation.
     I wish you peace, joy, grace and many blessings. I wish you love. I wish you awakening. Thank you.

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