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     I noticed recently that visits to this website have dropped off since my last post, so I would like to suggest that spiritual realization is not about always moving on and seeking the latest thing - that's too often the subtle pull of spiritual addiction - it's about stopping all the seeking and awakening your consciousness in the present, and if you have read, understood, and practiced the experiential exercises laid out in these books, blogs, articles and interviews, the goal of knowing divine consciousness would be realized. If not, then stay and explore the material presented here. The fundamentals do not change. You already have awakened consciousness, it's your birthright, it's waiting for you in the right hemisphere, you just need to experience it, and the directions for finding that are everywhere in this work. I stopped writing because I have shared what I came into the world to share, but it's all still here. I invite you to stop seeking it in the latest popular place and instead practice finding it in the present until it finds you. The work we do on ourselves affects all sentient beings and the entire cosmos. 

    With love, blessings, and gratitude, John

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It All Begins in a Consciousness Without Thought

Whatever questions or concerns have been bothering, troubling or upsetting me disappear in consciousness without thought. Everything changes. The questions go away, the worries vanish, and a totally different world appears. Leaving the world of mind for the sensory world of pure awareness dissolves the self idea and its related goals, fears, purposes, and  Read More 
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