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We Are the Source of Revelation, Each Life an Unfolding Miracle.

Life is an enchanting adventure. We cannot know in advance what we will find or where it will lead. It's about what events evoke inside and reveal about our lives. We are the divine medium, source and prism of revelation, the seers, mystics and prophets. As events flow through the prism of mystical and  Read More 
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Reflecting on Aging

What at amazing perspective I have been given to understand my own aging. Here I sit reflecting on the incredible journey of age. I see it first as a psychological transformation, a progressive evolution of everything I have been and, as my own therapist, I examine the thoughts and feelings that accompany this transition.  Read More 
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A Goose in a Bottle?

I recently heard a wonderful Zen koan about a disciple named Riko who asks his master Nansen for help getting his goose out of a bottle without killing it or breaking the glass. Apparently the disciple had put the baby gosling in the bottle in the first place, fed it, and now was now  Read More 
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