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Reflecting on Aging

What at amazing perspective I have been given to understand my own aging. Here I sit reflecting on the incredible journey of age. I see it first as a psychological transformation, a progressive evolution of everything I have been and, as my own therapist, I examine the thoughts and feelings that accompany this transition.  Read More 
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"Please Pick My Apples!"

A surprising and wonderful image came to me today during my monthly spiritual direction session. I saw myself as a sun-drenched apple tree bursting with apples: ripe, red, delicious, juicy apples weighing down every branch. And I understood that this image expressed the fruition of my work.

In the past four years, I have  Read More 
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The Grief Men Feel in Retirement

One of the great problems men experience entering the "golden years" is whether to work or not - not just at a paid job, but in pursuit of constructive enterprise. Encouraged by well-meaning family, men take on volunteer work, remodel homes, or build furniture in their garage. It all seems creative and meaningful, and  Read More 
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