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"Please Pick My Apples!"

A surprising and wonderful image came to me today during my monthly spiritual direction session. I saw myself as a sun-drenched apple tree bursting with apples: ripe, red, delicious, juicy apples weighing down every branch. And I understood that this image expressed the fruition of my work.

In the past four years, I have published four books on the journey of age, each one loaded with delicious and wonderful insights - insights from a life spent in deep reflection on self, consciousness, and age. I had to do this work - my soul demanded it. But now I feel so full and ripe with this creativity. Each apple symbolizes an image, idea or revelation from a page in one of these books, and the books are bursting with them. I am unbelievably happy. I celebrate this season of unexpected creativity with wonder and gratitude. How did it happen? Where did it come from? My journey has come so far.

So I say to you, "Please pick my apples! They were meant for you. They are your apples, too. I can't hold onto all this creativity. I need you to pick as many apples as you want. Nourish yourself with the opportunities and inspiration of aging. And then blossom with your own creativity. Perhaps you'll share your apples with me, too. I really look forward to that day."
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