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Becoming Love

We are made of love. The nature of Being is love. Our deepest self is love. Love is just another name for God and deep down we are that.

We are born from (and in) this divine oneness. Somewhere along the path of growing up, however, the mind conceives the idea of self. Suddenly things change. We think that love somehow is contingent on this self-abstraction being good enough. Soon it's all about comparisons - who's the best, who's the brightest, who's the prettiest, on and on. In our fear of not being enough, we physically and emotionally contract ourselves. We hate ourselves. We try to improve this false self. This self-abstraction becomes a physical/emotional self-contraction, like a fist in anger or fear, blocking our contact with the love that is our deepest nature. Soon this contraction cuts off our natural unity.

The contraction of body/mind then leads to suffering. When we approach anything from this position, it becomes pain and suffering and struggle. When we learn to release the noose of contraction and drop back into love, whatever we face becomes the path of love, wonder and joy.

The world of man operates from fear and contraction. The divine world flows from love. This is our daily choice. Spiritual practice is about reconnecting to our original nature and being the love that we seek. We are that. We are already enough, more than enough, infinitely more. We are born divine. Let us be that.
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