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The Awakened Consciousness

What happens when we experience the world directly, without the conceptual overlay of thoughts, names, interpretations, explanations, intentions, beliefs, values, clocks, purposes and goals - yours and others? What happens when there is no map, no place to go, no one to be, and nothing to fix or accomplish? What happens when things are  Read More 
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The Spiritual Practice of Aging

In the spiritual practice of aging, we are gradually and steadily transformed into love. It is a long slow process of melting the False Self - the idea of me - into a fathomless inner sea of divine love, like sliding into the bubbling waters of a hot tub, like a candle melting in  Read More 
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Confessions of a Reluctant Mystic

I am a mystic. This is my confession.

All my work, beginning with Death of a Hero, Birth of the Soul to The Divine Human (in press) has been the product of an unfolding mystical revelation. It was given to me fully formed from the start but I had to work out each piece  Read More 
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Defining God

"What is God?" We can ask this question from two distinct positions: thought and experience. In the thought approach, we engage our intellect and conceptually ponder the nature and characteristics of the divine - a fascinating though often controversial subject that has produced vast libraries of belief and speculation. When we seek to understand  Read More 
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Don't Settle

How can we get older folks to consider the mystical spirituality of aging? Are Boomers simply hooked on defeating aging, or getting through to the end, or are they simply unaware of this other possibility? I wish I knew the answer. I am convinced that the transformation of self and consciousness offers another path  Read More 
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Transformation, Divinization, Transfiguration…What's Going On?

In the mystical realm, it's all one thing. It's all the same thing. It happens to me as I experience the energy and consciousness of divinity. The experience of the omnipresent divine Presence triggers joy within - my soul reconnecting with God, and this connection soon stirs, ignites and releases Divine Consciousness inside me,  Read More 
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Learning From Direct Mystical Consciousness

In graduate school, I was particularly amazed by Jean Piaget, the French psychologist, who created an entire theory of child development simply by carefully watching his own children. Carl Jung, too, developed a profound depth psychology much of it from his own inner work. Later I was equally amazed at Buddha's insights about the  Read More 
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How Aging Is Changing Me

I was visiting with a friend recently, sharing our experience of personal and spiritual evolution in these aging years. I wanted to try to describe what was happening for me because it's so amazing. I'll try to share it with you, too.

I am finding myself drawn inward to an inner consciousness that feels  Read More 
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The Mystic's Path of Aging

There are as many paths through aging as there are aging people, but as I look back on my writings, books, blogs, the endless journey entries, I see that this website could really be called "The Mystic's Path of Aging." It is a journey to the center, the source, the divine origin of our  Read More 
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Becoming Love

We are made of love. The nature of Being is love. Our deepest self is love. Love is just another name for God and deep down we are that.

We are born from (and in) this divine oneness. Somewhere along the path of growing up, however, the mind conceives the idea of self. Suddenly  Read More 
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