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Mystics Might Hold the Key to the Survival of Humanity

Mysticism is about the divine love that flows through everything in the universe and through us into the human world. Love is why we're here. In a letter to his daughter, Albert Einstein called it the "…force that includes and governs all others."(1) And the mystics from all traditions and times have told us  Read More 
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Where Questions Answer Themselves

What is this space I'm in? Lessoning motivation, deepening quietude, surrender to the peace of divine being. Released from conventional way of things, descending into the silent fathomless depths from which my essence flows, saturating with divine love, I am what is and need no more. When my mind is still, it's filters absent  Read More 
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The Mystical Consciousness of Eden

I often walk from my house to the end of a spit on the island where I live. One day, I recorded a list of qualities I experience in this awakened right-hemisphere consciousness. I use words to describe and communicate the experience, but of course they are not normally part of it. Here is  Read More 
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A Heavenly Thought Experiment

Here's a thought experiment. What if we all stopped for a moment at the very same time, stopped thinking, talking, doing, going, spending, and planning, and simply woke up to where we were? What if we all took a break from our frenzied schedules and breathed quietly as we looked around us, looked at  Read More 
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Don't Settle

How can we get older folks to consider the mystical spirituality of aging? Are Boomers simply hooked on defeating aging, or getting through to the end, or are they simply unaware of this other possibility? I wish I knew the answer. I am convinced that the transformation of self and consciousness offers another path  Read More 
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The Illusion of Separation Is A Product of Mind

We are God. It's only our refusal to know, feel and experience this pure, divine consciousness that keeps us locked the prison of personality and belief. At its center, the personality is hollow yet full of divine loving consciousness. Though surrounded by endlessly orbiting beliefs, self-ideas, impulses, plans and expectations, in the still silence  Read More 
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More on Becoming God

A leaf knows it’s a leaf but it doesn't try to be the whole tree or something other than what it is, and what a miracle it is - how the leaf grows, changes color, absorbs the suns energy through photosynthesis, dries up and falls to the ground, to feed the little creatures  Read More 
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The Emotional Work of Enlightenment in Aging

While mystical experiences (direct, first-hand experiences of the divine) can happen to anyone at any time, the progressive movement into mystical consciousness requires both psychological and spiritual work. Because emotional wounds distract and disrupt our spiritual growth, we need to understand and heal them. Specifically, we need to address both our current and our  Read More 
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Sensing the Other World as We Grow Old

A strange experience has entered my consciousness in recent weeks, a distinct feeling that this world and the next are somehow the same or overlapping or unexpectedly close or even merging. It feels as if that the boundary between the two worlds - my present human reality and the "world" awaiting us after death  Read More 
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