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A Heavenly Thought Experiment

Here's a thought experiment. What if we all stopped for a moment at the very same time, stopped thinking, talking, doing, going, spending, and planning, and simply woke up to where we were? What if we all took a break from our frenzied schedules and breathed quietly as we looked around us, looked at each other, looked at the sky and trees? What if we were to dissolve the endless roles and responsibilities that separate us and began to relate without words in the timeless present of now? What would happen? The wars would stop and soldiers would look up from their crazed violence puzzled at what they saw, spenders would stop spending and wonder what "stuff" they really needed, parents would put down cell phones and see what their kids were doing, salesmen would stop selling and take a walk and smell the Earth, people would get out of their cars at rush hour and listen for birdsong. Can you imagine? Here, too, is the gate of Eden, for a very different world awaits those who stop doing and rest instead in being.
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