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Mystics Might Hold the Key to the Survival of Humanity

Mysticism is about the divine love that flows through everything in the universe and through us into the human world. Love is why we're here. In a letter to his daughter, Albert Einstein called it the "…force that includes and governs all others."(1) And the mystics from all traditions and times have told us that this divine love also creates a divine world right where we are.(2)

Now here's the problem. The collective reality beliefs we humans create smother this force of love. Our beliefs divide the world into stereotypes of you and me, good and bad, right and wrong, rich and poor, deserving and undeserving. Superimposed on the divine world described by the mystics, these beliefs generate the catastrophic ignorance, illusion and conflicts now ruling our communities. And the most pernicious idea in this mental world is the "I." Our worry about the personal "I" produces gossip, competition for attention and importance, judgments about self and other, and the desire to be "right" instead of awake, selfish instead of loving. The human world we are making seems to grow more desperate, frenzied and depleted all the time.

Pure consciousness, free of thought, is the essence of mystical awakening. It is itself the divine force of love that Einstein describes. In this pristine awareness, free of conventional beliefs and boundaries, we enter the consciousness of Soul: the other self who has been waiting our whole life to liberate us. Mix in a little awe and center its consciousness in our own being, and ecstasy erupts, opening us directly into the experiential flow of divine love. Now we become Divine Humans.(3)

The mystics' profound revelation of a radiant divine world all around us, and their equally powerful realization of our own divinity, stand in stark contrast to the catastrophic ignorance, delusions and abject stupidity of humankind's conventional beliefs. On this razor's edge balances the survival of humanity. The illusions we have created hold the power to destroy our entire world. We must choose to wake up for time is running out! As Einstein concluded, "If we want our species to survive, if we are to find meaning in life, if we want to save the world and every sentient being that inhabits it, love is the one and only answer." Mystical consciousness opens the door to divine love.

1. Letter from Albert Einstein to his daughter retrieved from Marmoset.com 9/9/17.
2. See Finding Heaven Here for an amazing interfaith chorus of mystics sharing this realization.
3. See The Divine Human for another interfaith chorus of mystics sharing this realization.

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