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The Mystical Consciousness of Eden

I often walk from my house to the end of a spit on the island where I live. One day, I recorded a list of qualities I experience in this awakened right-hemisphere consciousness. I use words to describe and communicate the experience, but of course they are not normally part of it. Here is what I experienced…
I am acutely awake, alert, and present. Consciousness is completely free of thought and judgment. Awareness is wide open, silent and still, taken over by sheer curiosity, enchantment, wonder, amazement and radical awe. With no distracting self-idea, I am immersed in a glorious always-new landscape. With the vivid freshness of pure sensory experience, the woods are exquisitely beautiful, colorful, luminous, and steeped in an ambience of holiness. The world is super-real and sparkling. I sense everything here is alive and intensely conscious, even the space around me and seemingly inanimate objects, and every "thing" invites me further me into this numinous realm.
Moving fluidly, untroubled, unafraid, I feel a deep and permeating sense of peace, calm, and trust in the goodness of this steadily opening mystery. With no self, there are no problems, agenda or goals and my movements are unscripted, unplanned, and unprogrammed. It's a state of absolute freedom, no rules, no boundaries, no expectations, just flowing, wild, spontaneous, glorious, awakening life.
My energy is friendly, optimistic, hopeful, and I radiate love, joy and gratitude as my heart opens ever wider. Each moment is timeless, unending and forever, with no past, present or future. Dissolved in the profound experience of unity, I feel so happy and grateful. I want to merge with the trees and birds, roll in the sand, and inhale the perfume of dirt, grass and water. And most amazing, I realize again that this divine and magical kingdom is always here, always just a shift in consciousness away, the imminent divine, Heaven on Earth. Inspired by this expanding consciousness, I want to tell people how much I love them, how beautiful they are, how I can see their soul. And I want add, "Stop talking, be silent, wake up. You are not who, what or where you think. See what I see. We have another home in eternity.
Have you ever had moments like this? They often happen in nature but they can also occur in dance, the zone of athletic competition, falling in love, giving birth, or just standing gazing up at the night sky. The fact is, we all have these moments. The divine is constantly leaking into our everyday experience, we just don't pay attention. In fact, we are the divine standing in a divine world.
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