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Where Questions Answer Themselves

What is this space I'm in? Lessoning motivation, deepening quietude, surrender to the peace of divine being. Released from conventional way of things, descending into the silent fathomless depths from which my essence flows, saturating with divine love, I am what is and need no more. When my mind is still, it's filters absent and machinery quiet, the unrestrained cosmos pours through my Soul and my love feels big enough to heal the world. And I do love the world. I feel so much gratitude for the mysterious infinite living beauty of what is. My "work" is to become that mystery always co-extensive with the World of Man. Our love is the medium and goal of this enterprise central our collective spiritual evolution; we must let it transform us. We now witness the dawning of a new radiance, a light filled consciousness that transforms perception to reveal the timeless now and the eternal presence of Divine Consciousness, Divine World, and the possibility of the Divine Human. Your Soul knows what I mean even if you don't. Still the thought world and join me in the spacious consciousness of Soul. From this space, questions answer themselves.
All else is fake news.
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