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The Illusion of Separation Is A Product of Mind

We are God. It's only our refusal to know, feel and experience this pure, divine consciousness that keeps us locked the prison of personality and belief. At its center, the personality is hollow yet full of divine loving consciousness. Though surrounded by endlessly orbiting beliefs, self-ideas, impulses, plans and expectations, in the still silence of thought-free consciousness, all that melts away like fog on a sunny day - what's left is God and that energy enlivens our physical being. The distinctions that continue - "me," "you," "here," "there," simply comprise coordinates dividing this dimension where consciousness and being merge, enriching the fullness of divinity as existence itself. Can you feel the joy in this coming fullness? Here all we do is love. Here we learn what everything is and how things are formed, created, evolved, and replaced. Here we are parts in God's ongoing Creation and it is amazing. Heaven itself will be known because it is here, too, for in unity, nothing is separate. The illusion of separation is simply a creation of mind. Now we are lived as God moves us toward each other and toward our unique and individual destinies as conscious beings.
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