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More on Becoming God

A leaf knows it’s a leaf but it doesn't try to be the whole tree or something other than what it is, and what a miracle it is - how the leaf grows, changes color, absorbs the suns energy through photosynthesis, dries up and falls to the ground, to feed the little creatures of the Earth. So, too, we are each a miracle, already divine if we would only lose that sticky identity and dwell instead in thought-free consciousness. Though the leaf cannot speak our language, if it did it might say, "I am God." We, too, might say that when there is no one left to disbelieve it.

I love to explore this space of intense consciousness, moving from everyday self-consciousness into pure, thought-free sensory awareness. I see everything with acute clarity and everything is perfect, mysterious and incredibly beautiful. With no thought or identity to make boundaries, consciousness is suddenly everywhere - all around and through me; it is me. In recognizing that I am consciousness, I recognize that I am God not John (for the mystics tell us that the universe is a single infinite consciousness - there cannot be two). Because this experience of pure consciousness is the experience of God, it changes "me," radically transforming me into God. In this way, consciousness divinizes being. Merging divine consciousness with divine being, the body fills with joy, clarity, love, and Namaste awareness. This shift awakens the New Human; it is the elixir of transformation.

What's important for all of us on this threshold to divinity is what we experience directly in this intense state of conscious being - how it affects us physically, emotionally, intellectually, sexually. Everything changes, divinizes, right before our eyes. I realize that God is being me, seeing through "my" eyes, being my being until the "me" idea fades away completely - at least for a time. In this amazing space, no one prays to God because there is no other than God, and "I" am that.

Practice this conscious shift alone at first because it's harder to experience around other people who automatically trigger the false self to enact its drama of individuality, that never-ending story of you and your life. It's this fictional self that creates all our personal problems and all the world's wars. Where is there a conflict if I don't exist; if I am God as pure conscious being liberated identity, beliefs, goals, fears, separation, mortality, drama; if I love everything unconditionally; if I just want to dance in the unity of flow?

The Enlightened Elder has a special function here - to live in this state of divine consciousness in order to divinize the world. Don't ask how this happens, that question only lead down endless thought roads; just do it. You will understand the process simply by being it.
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