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Transformation, Divinization, Transfiguration…What's Going On?

In the mystical realm, it's all one thing. It's all the same thing. It happens to me as I experience the energy and consciousness of divinity. The experience of the omnipresent divine Presence triggers joy within - my soul reconnecting with God, and this connection soon stirs, ignites and releases Divine Consciousness inside me, which begins to pervade my body and personality like a gas spreading through a permeable medium. It's the same divine consciousness outside and inside, but the inner one filters through my existing psychological forms and structures. With Divine consciousness outside and Divine Consciousness inside, a Great Being forms within me. I fill with its consciousness. In this Divine Consciousness resides joy, contentment, ease, peace and love - it's all there. My body, personality, and consciousness awaken in its energies; substance transmuting into Divinity. My molecular structure becomes that (though it wouldn't show up at the material plane of physical measurement). Sensing Presence changes me.

Is this crazy? Is this grandiosity? Is this delusion? Countless mystics say no. I am at a turning point in my aging. With the energy and consciousness of the Great Being spreading within, I love the world unconditionally. I am the world. I do not matter. I am what God is, what we all are, with no divisions, castes, or problems. One of the ultimate gifts of aging sits right in front of me, inside me, waiting, waiting. Experiencing this shift initiates the transition to the new human, a new kind of human. In time, I become that which I meditate on - the Great Being filtered through my nature changing what I am.

What does this mean? How shall "I" act? Who shall "I" be? What am "I" now? The pregnant moment of the eternal present, always here, always waiting to transform me, into…so much love. We are all at the edge of the same great truth of Divine Consciousness opening the perceptual gates to Heaven on Earth. Home.
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