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The Will To Love

I have been thinking a lot about love recently. Why it is that we don't love better, deeper, longer, wider. Why we can't love our enemies. Why the world is stuck in the cycle of violence rather than a cycle of love. How to unlock the heart? Everyday the evening news brings reports of the latest murders and war deaths. Why must it be this way when, at heart, all we truly long for is love, a love that heals, values and nourishes everything and everyone.

We would all like to make a difference in this love dimension of life, to find that heart key that would transform humanity. What could that key possibly be?

Here's one idea. While we are all seeking love, this search is only half of the journey, the first half. The great shift in in our spiritual growth comes when we move from seeking love to being love. Then there is no place to go, nothing to do, and no one to be. Then we no longer have to achieve a thing because we are the love we have been seeking. It's always been that way. Then it's about loving unconditionally, unconventionally, unexpectedly, undeniably, loving everything and everybody because we live in the experience of love, because we are that love. We become a spiritual sun that shines on all.

This kind of loving is not about heroics, not about saving the world or fixing other people's lives. It's about asking our oneself, in any or every situation, "What would love do right here, right now? What would love see?" And indeed it's not necessarily about doing anything; it's about having the courage to open your heart to whatever is. Actions follow psychological states, and the state that will transform our lives is love. If you want to transform yourself, make this shift from doing to loving.

Can we love like this in the crazy, supersonic lives we live? The better question is, which state achieves the greatest healing - more doing or more loving? Aging, too, asks us to make this shift, for our families, for our friends, for the world, and for ourselves. Enlightened aging always involves this decision to shift into the joy and fullness of love.
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