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Change Yourself and You Change the World

My aging is like a cardboard puzzle floating in water. Gradually, the pieces loosen up, drift apart, water log, and sooner or later sink. The parts of my life that were once held together so well, so tightly, that maintained the order and focus of my day, no longer serve that purpose. My identity, goals, achievements, and life story are gradually coming apart and disintegrating. What's left? That's the most important thing.

As the defining pieces of my life separate and disappear, what's left is so simple - it's the One, the divine unity of consciousness and being that is the cosmos, the one single Being. Disintegrating into this reality is ecstasy. My aging is a movement back to my original being before I split into the ideas of "me" (suddenly full of problems), "others" (who I now had to deal with) and "the world" (a very complex set of ideas indeed). But instead of experiencing loss, these disappearing puzzle pieces return me to the divine, to the Garden, to the One we all were before identity, time and story stole our divine heritage. But this Oneness returns in aging, and we are that.

Now in this Oneness is a new possibility for changing the world. In the Oneness, I am the world. When "I" dissolve in it, what pours through me is cosmic love and joy, which I in turn spread like a lighthouse sweeping its beacon over the sea and shore. It touches everyone I meet. Then I understand again: Change yourself and you change the world. This union with the One changes me, allowing me to bring the gifts of love and happiness wherever I go, ripples of joy radiating as far as the eternity. As I am made new again in every moment through this unity, my light shines ever brighter. And the loving changes I envision in this oneness have the power to touch the world, for all is one and with no divisions or separations. The goodness created in unity and released into the One appears in the world; this is the power of mystical consciousness.

Our aging can change the world, but not necessarily by doing but by being - a new kind of being. Being changes everything. Be what you truly are. You are that Oneness and what you create in its vast being will save you and may save the world.
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