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Mystical Consciousness on an Airplane

We can shift into mystical consciousness any time and any place. Sitting on an airplane recently, writing on a napkin, I knew again that I am what God is, and in this unity, all else fades into pure consciousness. In the experience of the divine Presence, identity, status, goals and problems have no meaning;  Read More 
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"Giving Back?"

Among my aging friends, and often in the media, I hear phrases like, "I want give something back to the world." The sentiment usually expands to wishing to help others in some way, often through activities like volunteer work or creating a charitable foundation. And for those who know what they want to do,  Read More 
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Change Yourself and You Change the World

My aging is like a cardboard puzzle floating in water. Gradually, the pieces loosen up, drift apart, water log, and sooner or later sink. The parts of my life that were once held together so well, so tightly, that maintained the order and focus of my day, no longer serve that purpose. My identity,  Read More 
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The Fourth Consciousness

Divine consciousness engages our awareness in four ways on the long journey of life. On a plane over the Midwest, I found myself thinking about its role in our spiritual awakening.

We awaken in the divine consciousness of early childhood, discovering a world of purity, enchantment and wonder. In this first consciousness, everything is  Read More 
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