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Reaching Out to the World

On a whim, I uploaded my work onto Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, and Twitter. It feels like I'm sending mystical trial balloons into the vast internet world, calling forth kindred souls that we might echo each other's beautiful and universal voices of love and peace and divine being. My new book, The Divine Human,  Read More 
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Enter the World

Most of us live in the world but rarely see where we really are. I mean it's crazy. We rush around, notice this and that, race on to the next perception, and NEVER STOP until we crash late at night. Even then we can't turn off our minds and struggle with insomnia.

In recent  Read More 
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Downsizing the Idea of Self

True to my station in life, my wife and I just downsized from a too-large three story house to a just-right two story that lives on one level, with a light basement for family visitors. No more stairs, pulling garbage cans up a steep driveway, or filling extra rooms with unnecessary belongings. This downsizing  Read More 
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The Third Revelation

The third revelation, the one that further changes everything, is this: I don't exist. Neither do you. We are invented fictions. Even these words are fictions. Transcend thought and the whole problem of "you" disappears.

While philosophers have long argued about whether we truly exist as we believe we do (e.g., how do  Read More 
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The Art Project of Aging

Do you remember that art project we did in elementary school…the one where you crayoned bright colors on a blank sheet of paper and covered them completely with a black crayon? The magic happened when you used a paper clip to scratch the black surface revealing lines of amazing colors. Today, in spiritual  Read More 
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The Fourth Consciousness

Divine consciousness engages our awareness in four ways on the long journey of life. On a plane over the Midwest, I found myself thinking about its role in our spiritual awakening.

We awaken in the divine consciousness of early childhood, discovering a world of purity, enchantment and wonder. In this first consciousness, everything is  Read More 
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Aging - A Change from Within

At its deepest level, the aging revolution comes not from "out there" - not from medical advances, social attitudes and living arrangements, it comes from within. It comes as elders who, living longer, begin to discover that a change is already underway. It happens naturally, subtly, and spontaneously as we release worn out belief  Read More 
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