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Aging - A Change from Within

At its deepest level, the aging revolution comes not from "out there" - not from medical advances, social attitudes and living arrangements, it comes from within. It comes as elders who, living longer, begin to discover that a change is already underway. It happens naturally, subtly, and spontaneously as we release worn out belief systems, identities, and ambitions and discover instead the spaciousness of power of consciousness itself. Though it was always there, consciousness lay hidden behind all our ideas, responsibilities and expectations.

The key to this age-related change is becoming conscious of consciousness itself. As mental filters of thought dissolve, awareness expands for those who pay attention. We discover that consciousness is not in me, I am in it, and "it" is transformative. This shift in the locus and experience of consciousness is amazing. From within this awakening state, we begin to see the amazing beauty and perfection of the world right where we are. In other words, focusing on consciousness changes us, if we're ready. It feels stunning, powerful and enlivening, as if something profound is living who we are - as if we are so much more than we ever realized. New intuitions, energies and inspirations bubble up in a wellspring of joy and love that needs no reason or explanation but longs for expression and celebration. This is the magic of aging.

It's time to change aging by refocusing of consciousness - back on itself. What I am proposing is a movement already in motion. Numerous aging sites on the Internet are already circling this idea. Their message is: let aging change you! It's not about accomplishing anything, it's about allowing the old version of you to disappear in this radical new awareness and then experiencing the transformation happen on its own. Getting out of the way, you will be made new again. We are just beginning to understand the possibilities of aging! And the world awaits our transformation.
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