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Mystical Consciousness on an Airplane

We can shift into mystical consciousness any time and any place. Sitting on an airplane recently, writing on a napkin, I knew again that I am what God is, and in this unity, all else fades into pure consciousness. In the experience of the divine Presence, identity, status, goals and problems have no meaning; only the present matters, and Presence, and love, and people and now, and happiness become our state of being. The experience of Presence takes us directly into divinity where we are intrinsically part of the Great Being. Free from the limits of who and what you think we are, we dissolve into God and our fate is no longer in the World of Man, but in the infinite oneness of Conscious Being, opening a crack in the mental world where we enter the consciousness of the universe and melt into the love/being/bliss of pure existence. Experiencing this unity, we become the other and God is more us than we ourselves are. Then, if we listen carefully, we may hear the divine self whispering, "I am you, you are me, we are one." If you wish to know this kind of experience, read Ordinary Enlightenment and Finding Heaven Here and follow my footprints into the pathless space of God's consciousness.
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