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Caring for the World in the Flow of Soul

Here is a simple exercise in individual sacred activism. It only takes a few minutes. It will change you and your world.
• Find a quiet space unlikely to be interrupted
• Have no expectations, plans or goals
• Stop thinking, heighten awareness, and move into pure sensory awareness; stay
• Do nothing; be patient and quiet; simply  Read More 
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Sacred Activism and the Conscious Elder

This post 11/8 world is a time of collective initiation. Conscious elders, startled into a shocking new historical era, now face profound and unexpected tasks, gifts and responsibilities. This is not our old familiar world and we cannot go back. But this horizon holds the potential for a psychological and spiritual renewal unprecedented in human  Read More 
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Transcending Even Good Intentions

Perhaps the most surprising realization in the exploration of consciousness is this: Any goal-oriented belief or activity constitutes an operation of the False Self no matter how elevated or altruistic it may feel or appear. Why? To have an intention or plan maintains the separate world of thought that creates the problem in the  Read More 
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