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Ambition versus Transcendence: The Challenge of Aging

After submitting a presenter's application form for a spirituality and aging conference, and sending my novel manuscript off for reader review, I dreamed I was stuck in total gridlock traffic at an intersection; every time the light changed and I tried to turn right across multiple lanes of traffic, I would be stuck. Later  Read More 
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The I Ching of Aging

I recently consulted the I Ching on aging. The I Ching (Book of Changes), as many of you know, is an ancient Chinese divination system predating recorded history. As an oracle, it is both profound and easy to use. My copy of this book with its instructions had been gathering dust on a top  Read More 
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The Natural Decline of Ego in Aging

The ego - the "I" of the personality - is the part that wants to control and direct the show, make things turn out it own way, and be prized as special and love-worthy. It also takes responsibility for our survival and has a terrific fear of failure and death that actually supported our  Read More 
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