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Drifting in the Lightness of Being

Perhaps because my novel is finished, a novel that represents my own aging experience of settling into divinity and dissolving the artificial identity that had long ago removed me from unity, I feel a new kind of peace. Images from journaling this morning include drifting on a raft down a wide slow moving river  Read More 
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Why I Write

After seven books and a novel, after following a trail of mystical footprints for twenty-five years, I have come to an understanding of aging that is unique, revolutionary and real. From direct experience I have learned that aging opens a passage from human to divine in this lifetime. Handled skillfully, it can take us  Read More 
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The Divine Wisdom of Aging

I woke up in an interesting dream. I was back in school. I had signed up for an astronomy course but got distracted, separating from my classmates who went ahead. An older woman in the school office gave me directions and I arrived just people were sitting down. The teacher, a wise and dignified  Read More 
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