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Greg Bell sent me this thought. What do you think?

"This time is indeed a new period of growth and generativity as we enter our final years. But what to call it? Old Age just doesn't describe it with its baggage of deterioration and irrelevance. This is the time of culmination when all one's life comes together and what is lost is what we willingly give up, which truthfully may be everything to become our truest self. Culmination seems to be the time when paradoxically all things hold together while everything shakes apart. I call it Culminescence, the coming together of all a person is, thriving even in the face of suffering, frailty, illness, weakening of heart or loss of mind. The time of soul strength and emergence of the deepest self.
Has anyone named this new period of human development? Please let me know your thoughts."

I like it. What do you think?

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Our Most Fervent Wishes in the Final Stage of Life

I recently spoke to a large group of elders on aging. I asked them to anonymously write down what they most fervently wished for in the final years. Here are their answers. How would you have answered this question?
Security and good health
Good health until my time to leave this life
Inner peace and contentment
Be happy with a life well lived
Peace and harmony with self and others and with creation and God
The freedom to finally engage in some of my personal interests
I want to feel comfortable with myself and physically able
To accept dying feeling I was a success at something
Health and a reason to get up in the morning
Good relationships
Intimacy, Connection and engagement
Wisdom and compassion
Peace of mind
Get in touch with inner self, be not so identified with my work but be more in touch with love      relationships and excepted as enough
To deepen my relationships with true intimacy
Service contentment family
I want peace of mind kindness understanding guilt free
Good health to continue and great relationships with my children and grandchildren and friends
Ability to face dying peacefully
Be content with who I really am (after I find out)
Become more compassionate and not angry about what I need to do
I want to continue to explore and come to understand the mysteries of life and my part in that      mystery
To be known, to be peaceful, and to be enough
To communicate myself for the good of the next-generation
Peace with my past
I want to be significant to have made a difference in the world
Make peace with a life that is well lived but is not as extraordinary as I had expected, coming to terms with being ordinary
I want to have a fulfilled life full of happiness and contentment
Spiritual fulfillment, travel creativity, love and intimacy, learning good health
The opportunity to completely write my life story
I want to experience a better consciousness of the meaning of my life while leaving behind or      passing on wisdom accrued overtime
To be released from the slavery of my never ending to do list.
Warm significant relationships that are kind, open and honest, that produce a benefit to humanity
To know that I have done the work of finding myself truly honestly, and in the time of life I haveleft (91), do more I have missed
To be able to live authentically which means for me not just fulfilling the functions that have       been assigned to me by cultural expectations but to actually love myself authentically to          the point of healing that allows me to accomplish this goal
A Honda Odyssey Van for sure
Abiding wisdom and serenity in the midst of trials
Interest and self-acceptance
Be loved and to be loving
Spiritual grounding and immersion and fun
Peace of mind, acceptance of aging's loss, integration
Peace, I have done enough
Connection to self and loved ones
Keep growing mentally and spiritually
Self-knowledge and conscious aging
To still be able to enjoy life and to keep my creativity
Peace, growth, security, and freedom from pain
Wisdom, tolerance, patience, laughter
Be in good health, keep in the spirit of God, have at least some very loving good friends
To be able to continue to enjoy peanut butter
To live fully alive in the time I have left even while letting things go
Peaceful existence and good health
Do aging gracefully and filled with meaning
Continuing longevity with partner (wife)
I want to feel that my life mattered and have that sense of purpose and completion as an artistic   person
A new sense of purpose, a reason for being, reason for life to continue in love and meaning
Integration, gratitude for what is
Equal and honest love
Insight, understanding, being understood, enjoyment, joy
A fresh, meaning-filled, and all-consuming focus for my energies
Peace, a goal to work at, family around me
Understanding and solace
What stands out most for me are these recurring wishes: a meaning to life, loving relationships with friends and family, acceptance of aging and death, peace of mind, personal and spiritual growth and understanding, a feeling of having mattered. Which answers reflect your wishes?

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Missing Blogs

Apologies. I have been AWOL on posting new blogs because my creativity has been consumed by a year devoted to personal mystical revelations and a new book on spiritual and mystical activism, in preparation. I will resurface in the near future. Thanks for understanding!
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Ego, Mystic, Soul and Prophet: Putting It All Together

The split-brain research of the 1960's demonstrated that two separate and independent selves dwell in each of us. After examining their unique characteristics, I believe these selves are best described as Ego and Soul. The Ego dwells in the brain's left hemisphere and accesses the mind's thought and language functions to build its models  Read More 
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Four Questions to Focus Your Aging

In this blog, I offer four open-ended questions to understand the specific psychological and spiritual tasks of your own aging. Take your time. Go deep. Generate as many answers as you can to each question and don't censor yourself. When you're done, review your responses as the revelations of your Soul, underline the ones  Read More 
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We Are the Source of Revelation, Each Life an Unfolding Miracle.

Life is an enchanting adventure. We cannot know in advance what we will find or where it will lead. It's about what events evoke inside and reveal about our lives. We are the divine medium, source and prism of revelation, the seers, mystics and prophets. As events flow through the prism of mystical and  Read More 
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We Are So Much More Than We Think

I woke up this morning filled with amazement by this idea. We human beings are extraordinary creatures because we can consciously recognize and experience our own divine nature and the divine world we live in. A wall of erroneous beliefs about our flawed and mortal nature and the fallen world, now breaking down, has blocked this realization for centuries. As described in The Divine Human  Read More 
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Wisdom and Our Place in the Universe

I believe that the discovery of personal wisdom and a place in the universe are two incredibly important and deeply connected ideas. Now, in my 60s, my need for wisdom and purpose seems to have taken on even greater urgency.
Like all of us, I am deeply worried about our world. The Earth and  Read More 
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An Experiment in Divine Wisdom

Sufis say that the source of all wisdom is God and that when mystical unveiling dissolves our mistaken identity, we will find that our own consciousness and being are in fact God’s Consciousness and Being. Wisdom flows from that unity.

Rumi tells us,
…when you look for God
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The Ultimate Purpose of Aging

For most of our evolution, humans knew aging as painful and progressive decline. Coping with the inevitable scourge of senescence, we were, sometimes at least, treated more respectively by family, strangers and society (i.e., dismissed as real equals). Eventually, however, all succumbed to the grim and moldering agencies senectitude. But this is a  Read More 
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