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Downsizing - The Ubiquitous Reversal

We are in the midst of making a contingency offer to buy a much smaller house. It's about time. The knees don't like the stairs, there's too much yard to look after, and the dogs gone blind. And I don't want to leave my kids with the mess my mother left me after slipping  Read More 
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Aging - A Change from Within

At its deepest level, the aging revolution comes not from "out there" - not from medical advances, social attitudes and living arrangements, it comes from within. It comes as elders who, living longer, begin to discover that a change is already underway. It happens naturally, subtly, and spontaneously as we release worn out belief  Read More 
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For Adam

I lost my son in a car accident the night of my birthday four years ago. I constantly wonder how he's doing and what's he's up to "on the other side." I miss him so much. I write this blog for him.

Adam, I am getting old now. But you will never have a  Read More 
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The Challenge of Sharing My Journey

I recently had another one of those birthdays that mark that slow march through the "senior" years. This one didn't make much of an impact; it came and went. What did come to mind, however, was the legacy of my work. What have I accomplished in my books and articles? The answer, of course,  Read More 
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Reflecting on Aging

What at amazing perspective I have been given to understand my own aging. Here I sit reflecting on the incredible journey of age. I see it first as a psychological transformation, a progressive evolution of everything I have been and, as my own therapist, I examine the thoughts and feelings that accompany this transition.  Read More 
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"Please Pick My Apples!"

A surprising and wonderful image came to me today during my monthly spiritual direction session. I saw myself as a sun-drenched apple tree bursting with apples: ripe, red, delicious, juicy apples weighing down every branch. And I understood that this image expressed the fruition of my work.

In the past four years, I have  Read More 
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This Fertile Time of Aging

As I connect with more and more older people across the internet - bright, fascinating, creative people reinventing the idea and experience of aging, I grow evermore amazed. There is so much creativity going on these days! Symposia, websites, blogs, conferences, books, organizations - my head spins in this new and exciting landscape. But  Read More 
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Aging and the Loss of Ambition

In the second stage of aging, middle old age, we often begin to lose the ambition and goal orientation that focused and drove so much of life. Ego - the "I" that runs the show (or at least tries to run the show), begins to lose its power, like an engine running out of  Read More 

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The Three Secrets of Aging Revealed

The first wave of 76 million “Baby Boomers,” representing 28 percent of the American population, turned 65 in 2011 and they will live longer than any previous generation in history – at least 15 years more than their parents! – creating an entirely new stage of life. But what is this revolutionary longevity for? Just to get old and die? As  Read More 
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Finding a New Calling in Aging

Like every living organism, the psyche expands and differentiates as it is structured and meant to do. Spontaneous personality growth happens at every age following a natural cycle through the seasons of life. There are fertile and fallow times, times to sew and times to reap, and special kinds of growth in each season.  Read More 
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